Frequently asked questions about
Frequently asked questions about

My basement has water in it. What do I do?
As a first response water damage restoration contractor, we will perform a site inspection to determine the proper course of action. Our project management team will address the insurance and financial aspects of your loss prior to beginning the project. The initial cleanup, and any subsequent repairs and restoration will be handled by our expert, trained technicians. Our goal is provide exceptional service and restore normalcy from chaos as quickly as possible.

Do I need an estimate to present to my insurance company prior to authorizing you to begin clean up?
No. It is paramount to begin clean-up efforts immediately to prevent further damage from occurring. We utilize Xactimate estimating software, which the insurance companies recognize as a means to provide uniform costs for water damage restoration. However, in some instances coverage may be limited or portions of a loss may be excluded. In these cases, we will advise you of possible financial implications prior to beginning work.

Why do I need so much equipment to dry the structure?
As an IICRC certified firm, we abide by industry guidelines that determine the proper use of resources.

Is it necessary to keep the drying equipment running all the time?
Yes, the dehumidifiers rely on air movement to operate at peak efficiency in order to facilitate the removal of moisture.

Do you use a safe disinfectant?
Yes, we utilize Benefect brand disinfectant (, which is a plant-based product that is non-toxic and very effective for controlling bacteria and mold.

How long does it take to dry a water damaged structure?
It depends on the materials affected but typically, drywall takes approximately 3 days to completely dry. Some materials such as plaster and wood make take longer to dry.  

Why is it so hot in my house while the drying equipment is running?
Dehumidifiers exhaust heat as a result of their operation which will elevate the temperature of the affected room. However, heat will accelerate the drying process.

How do I prevent my pipes from freezing?
Water pipes that are exposed to cold weather and in areas that drafts may occur are vulnerable to freezing. Make sure the thermostat is set at a level that maintains the remote areas in the house at an appropriate level, not just the room the thermostat is in.

Do I need to worry about “black mold”?
As long as the moisture is dealt with promptly and completely, mold will not be an issue (within 48-72 hours).  Previous water losses that were not promptly and properly dried may be the source of hidden mold spores that now produce an odor when a new water intrusion presents itself.

In addition to drying my structure, do you handle the reconstruction as well?
Restorz will be responsible for just the dry-out.  Our affiliate company, DANE Contractors Inc. can facilitate any reconstruction needs.  This approach makes sense for many clients since our Project Managers are already familiar with the situation and are already in contact with the insurance adjuster.

What is mold?
Molds are fungi. Their spores are present everywhere in our environment and we are constantly exposed to them.  For the most part, diseases caused by mold are relatively uncommon and are rarely found in a normally functioning human immune system.  Mold growth requires four critical components – available spores, food (organic materials), appropriate temperature, and moisture. Any imbalance of these components can lead to abnormal microbial growth.

Hold quickly can mold grow?
Typically in a home situation, mold is caused by excessive moisture such as a chronic water leak in a basement. When an imbalance occurs in the environment, mold spores begin to grow within 48-72 hours. However the rate of growth will be dependent on all the factors listed above – available food, moisture level, temperature, etc.

How do you get rid of mold?
For effective mold and mildew removal, it is necessary to kill mold, then remove any remaining traces of the organism, including air cleaning. It is necessary to dehumidify the affected area and eliminate the source of moisture.

What is black mold?
There are many molds that are “black” however Stachybotrys is regarded as a threat to human health and is generally referred to as “black mold”.

Do you do mold testing?
Yes. However we provide this service through an independent lab and it is done when requested. If a serious mold situation develops, it is suggested that a hygienist be contracted who would develop a protocol for comprehensive mold remediation.